"A highly intelligent woman with a marvelous gift for working with people with sensitivity, humour and great personal warmth. In my opinion it is time that her work is available to a much wider public. I very much hope that this will become possible as she has a very serious contribution to make to the worlds of music, healing and personal development."
Marina Jenkyns M.A. (Cantab). PGCE. SRAT (D) Author of The Play's the Thing: Exploring Text in Drama and Therapy.
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Alice Tierney - Biography

Kathlyn Alice Tierney LRAM Hons, a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music, London, voice teacher, performer and composer, specialises in the balance of spiritual and physical expression through the conscious use of the voice as a means of self-integration and realisation. She lives and works in Tunbridge Wells, Kent where she has a private practice teaching The Tierney Resonance Method of therapeutic vocal development and singing. Alice is founder and Director of the Resonance Choir and facilitates a modular programme of workshops, seminars and the Foundation and Teacher Training courses in Britain, Spain and Switzerland. Kathlyn Alice is the Founder of the Resonance Choir, The Tierney Method, and the Tierney Method Voice Academy.  

Since 1989 she has developed her holistic method of vocal training to integrate both body and spirit. Her philosophy is that each one of us has an amazing ability to heal and inspire ourselves when we embrace the wonder and delight that is our voice.

Alice comes from a long family line of musical and theatrical artists.  Her grandfather composed many of the great hits of the Twenties and Thirties (”Irene”, “Alice Blue Gown”, “Rio Rita”, and all the Ziegfield shows). Her father was a poet, playwright and actor who appeared in more than a 100 films, and her mother is a highly renowned theatre director and master teacher, having worked with playwrights such as Tennessee Williams.  From an immersion in a theatrical and musical background, Alice developed a distinct awareness and passion for the world of theatre and music, and a great understanding of the crucial requirements for a successful career.

Over her many years of teaching, she has developed a reputation for providing a unique training, “The Tierney Resonance Method”.  Her studies with Dr Helene Harris (psycho-drama and psycho therapy) and with Khaleghl Quinn in Qi Gong have influenced her method.  She has a profound understanding of the potential of the human voice as an instrument of inspiration and catharsis. As a result of this many working in, for example, education, psychotherapy, complementary therapies, nursing and the performing and healing arts, are able to incorporate some of her methods into their work, as well as have their own abilities enhanced by their experience on the course. Students in the medical profession have expressed considerable interest in the healing power of this work with breathing and sound. She has experience of working with large corporations, professional musicians, children with severe learning disabilities, academics amongst others.

Alice believes in the enormous balancing and healing potential that effective vocal skills can bring, when acknowledged as a foundation for the whole individuals growth; that personal vocal sound is one of the most inspiring tools we have to heal ourselves. Used consciously, vocal sound has the potential to unify our inner vision and expression of self.


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