"Working with Alice in her Resonance Choir and on the Foundation Course helped me to get more in my body and, unlike anything I had expected, it is from my body that I could access much higher places. I developed and expressed more freely my creativity, sharpened my intuition and gained a better understanding of what I needed for a fullfilled life, as I now have and open channel to communicate with the whole of me.This is a journey and I can't get enough of it." Andrea Marmolejo Portfolio Manager, Financial Services
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The Tierney Method CD for body, spirit and sound alignment

Vocal exercises with Alice Tierney LRAM Hons

Really happy to say that we have released a practice CD with a few of the basic breathing and voice exercises and explanatory chat about technique from Alice.  The ability to speak and sing with integrity is one of our deepest and often most secret desires. We long to feel connected, to belong, not just to what or who we are singing or communicating with, but to ourselves. To be able to speak or sing from within, freely, feeling our body in harmony with our spirit - somewhere we all know that the magic key is there inside us, waiting to be remembered.

The great news is that with acceptance and practice these simple and accessible exercises can help everyone enjoy expressing themselves with the ease and confidence that is their birthright. 

1) Introduction

2) exercise 1:Posture

3) exercise 2:Breathing

4) exercise 3:Soft Palate

5) exercise 4:Humming/Toning

6) exercise 5:Slidies

7) exercise 6:Ang

8) exercise 7:Vowels

9) Conclusion

The CD has proven invaluable to people wanting to catch up, develop or maintain their practice and enhance their vocal confidence between lessons or workshops. Progress has sometimes been amazing! 10 tracks - including breathing and toning warm-ups and tongue and vowel exercises: £15.00 per CD, plus £1.20 postage & packing.

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