"I took vocal coaching lessons from a brilliant lady called Alice Tierney, who taught me how to project my voice and deliver speeches." Rachel Elnaugh - Star of BBC's Dragons' Den and author of Business Nightmares - Hitting rock bottom and coming out on top
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Alice talks tongue twisters on Radio Kent! (41 minutes into the programme).

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Vocal sound is our divine resource, our instrument of true self expression.  Established by Alice Tierney LRAM Hons, and based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, The Tierney Resonance Method of vocal development unifies confident self expression with clarity of intent and effective vocal skills.

Since 1989, Alice has developed her holistic method of vocal training to integrate both body and spirit. Her philosophy is that each one of us has an amazing ability to heal and inspire ourselves when we embrace the wonder and delight that is our voice. Alice believes in the enormous potential that effective vocal skills can bring - used consciously, vocal sound has the potential to unify our inner vision and expression of self.

Gentle breathing, toning and sound exercises release old habits and open pathways of energy within the body. By listening from within and aligning our physical bodies to the inspiration of our expanded consciousness - whatever the rhythms or patterns we encounter - we can begin to transform our sense of self as we communicate.

A modular system of workshops, courses and the Resonance Choir complement and encourage a harmonious integration of vocal skills, personal development and the resultant benefits.

Entering communication through listening - read more.

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The Resonance Choir Tunbridge Wells was pleased and proud to have made it to the final 60 in the BBC2 series 'Last Choir Standing.

Alice is hoping to start a London Choir soon. Please contact her if you would like to add your name to the list of possible members.

In addition to her private practice in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Alice is delighted to be a part of Charisse Cooke Associates in South Kensington, London and is a consultant with Dennis Durby at NexusWest in Westminster, London. To make an appointment at either of the venues or to arrange a Skype consultation, please telephone: 01892 752237, email: alice.tierney.tw@gmail.com.

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