"Many thanks again for all your help and
support - you have been wonderful."
Rachel Elnaugh, TV Presenter
(Dragons' Den, BBC2), Entrepreneur

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'The Touch of Light' Voice Workshops
Open to all levels of experience. A fun and rewarding way to develop practical vocal skills and encourages the use of vocal sounding for health and personal integration.
Designed as a seasonal vocal celebrations to tone and inspire and align to the rhythms of the seasons. Experience the delight and positive benefits of studying in a small group, sorting out the intricacies of vocal skills, breathing, the restorative benefits of group sound meditation and interpersonal communication skills.
Internal vocal sounding is a profoundly reassuring and connecting experience and great fun. The potential within our real voices is so much more than how we have learnt to use our voices in daily speech.
All of us have a birthright of free sound with which we will be connecting within the safety and inspiration of the group.We will be exploring a nourishing balance of liberating vocal skills, listening, and breathing exercises. You will be inspired by the healing energies of the creative harmony within your spirit and your body/instrument.

Vocal improvisation and song inspired by the birthright of our true voice is a luminous and sacred experience. Sounding with a living sound brings great peace, and brings us home to an inner source of radiance and self-acceptance, whatever the joys of the season!

Each workshop is practical and meditative exploration of listening and speaking from a place of acceptance and stillness - the touch of our sense our spirit present within ourselves, as we practice with the clarity of our true voice.

Corporate Seminars

Specially tailored events to increase effective communication in a practical, accessible and inspirational manner - suitable for individuals and groups at all levels.

Contact Eli Pigou on 01892 752 237 or email alice.tierney.tw@gmail.com for further information.

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